Interview with Sören Braun from 1.FC Köln

Let’s meet Sören Braun, Sales and Campaign Manager at German football club 1. FC Köln in an interview (German language audio) giving us insights about how sports business has changed during the pandemic. As we all know not just the sports events have changed, but also the way we are experiencing sports events in the “new normal”. Sören reveals which digital channels 1. FC Köln uses to reach and engage fans and customers. In doing so, he addresses what it means to undergo a “fan journey” in a digital multi-channel experience.

It is clear that a pandemic is a major challenge for the club, because ghost soccer matches are not much fun for anyone. In the end, soccer thrives both on emotions and also on being a part of a community. Sören tells us what options there are to counteract the effects of the pandemic.

In the second half of the interview, Sören talks more about his passions as a runner and cyclist, as well as his sporting goals for 2021. He also describes the so-called Mount Everest Challenge, in which he cycled up the Petersberg in Königswinter 50 times. With his “just do it” mentality, he says, “It’s harder to defeat myself than to defeat someone else. If I can’t beat myself, I can’t beat anyone else. That’s why I’m my own biggest opponent.”

In the past, as a soccer player, Sören often suffered injuries. Today, however, he knows what it takes to give his body the energy and regeneration it needs: “Resting, sleeping and accepting that you are tired sometimes is perfectly fine,” he says.

Following the interview, Sören underwent a running analysis with us in the MLab in Cologne. “I’ve never done anything like this before,” he remarks. “And I’m curious to see how the body behaves after fatigue.” His next marathon is coming up in May and we are optimistic that the results of the running analysis together with his individualized training plan will make Sören’s goal of 2h 35min come true.


Carolin Hamacher

Carolin Hamacher

Marketing Managerin at Motesque


Sören Braun

Sören Braun

Sales and Campaign Manager at 1. FC Köln

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