Improving customer experience through science-based recommendations

You know your salespeople can only make recommendations of a certain quality. To optimize your customers’ experience, we provide you with our science-based recommendation solution. It is new way for customers to find the right product, such as running shoes, a mattress or a bicycle that supports their long-term health goals.

In-Store Solution for
Running Shoes
Digital Solution for
Mattresses and Bikes

MQ Pro

Using high-quality sensors to detect movements for recommending the ideal shoe model.

Our MQ Pro solution uses advanced IMU sensor technology to measure each customer’s movements to identify the best sports shoe.

4 Steps to the Perfect Match


Based on responses to individual questions, the customer service employee selects three pairs of shoes that suit him/her for testing.


The sensors are attached to the customer’s body and the customer then runs on the treadmill.


Our revolutionary sensor system detects even the slightest movement and wirelessly transmits the raw data to a processing station that compares and recommends the ideal shoe model.


The intelligent core of our solution compares and ranks different shoes based on the customer’s individual running style.


The system creates satisfaction with clear, easy-to-understand results. The data is processed immediately and transformed from raw complexity into a user-friendly instant recommendation. This simplifies the decision-making process.


The technology generates interest while accompanying the customer journey. This leads to an increase in conversion rates and a compelling deal.


Stand out by demonstrating expertise, innovation, technical leadership and, last but not least, best-in-class advice for the ideal customer experience.

MQ Fit

Featuring advanced 3D avatar fitting recommendation engine.

Using the MQ Fit app, sales staff can offer their customers a sophisticated method of recommending the perfect product. For this, they take the customer’s personal data such as height and weight in the store via tablet and add two full-body photos, one from the front and one from the side. Our cloud-based system compares many products in the background and calculates the perfect fit and size of a product.

4 Steps to the Perfect Match

The guided process starts with obtaining personal data, including height, weight, and age.

Next, the user uploads two full-body photos or takes them on the spot using a smartphone or tablet.

With AI-driven algorithms and biomechanical models, the customer’s individual 3D avatar is created and used to simulate an interaction with the provider’s previously measured product.

The ideal product is recommended within seconds.

Our technology helps each customer identify the best product for their specific needs, based on biomechanical parameters and data.

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Our international study surveyed  1500+ consumers‘ expectation towards the online-shopping of advice-intensive products.
Download the findings on how manufacturers and retailers can optimize their product recommendations for a more satisfied customers and less product returns!