We help consumers determine the right fit for their particular needs, using machine learning and specific data provided by them.

Using the latest technology, we create a 3D avatar for each individual based on specific customer data, such as weight or height, and photos. We solve sizing problems to design highly personalized shopping experiences and compelling, reliable recommendations. 

customized to your needs

We integrate brand identity by default, with additional customization options available as needed to provide a seamless, on-brand experience for your customers.


An ideal omnichannel solution optimized to solve sizing issues for customers wherever they shop: in-store, online or mobile.

sales uplift

Product suggestions actively boost sales opportunities on your website based on scientific data and in-depth professional expertise.

reliable results

We help companies process big data, enable faster decision-making, and solve complex challenges through our machine learning services.

4 Steps to the Perfect Match

The guided process starts with obtaining personal data, including height, weight, and age.

Next, the user uploads two full-body photos (front and side) or takes them on the spot using a smartphone or tablet.

With AI-driven algorithms and biomechanical models, the customer’s individual 3D avatar is created and used to simulate an interaction with the provider’s previously measured product.

The ideal product is recommended within seconds.

Win-Win Situation

  • Our technology not only helps customers determine the right product, it also helps key departments in your company achieve their goals.
  • Sales opportunities increase and fewer products are returned, reducing logistics costs.
  • Data-driven recommendations take the pressure off customer service.

Use Case

Digital recommendation engine for mattresses

We have developed the digital recommendation engine for mattresses – a consumer-centered technology that helps choose the right mattress online within seconds, providing an excellent user experience. Provide your customers with the ideal product for a healthy and comfortable sleep.

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Our international study surveyed  1500+ consumers‘ expectation towards the online-shopping of advice-intensive products.
Download the findings on how manufacturers and retailers can optimize their product recommendations for a more satisfied customers and less product returns!