AI-powered product recommendations: Motesque and Swiss Sense partnership reshapes the mattress industry with 3D avatar technology and biomechanics-based simulations

With integration online and in physical Swiss Sense stores, the MQ Fit solution enables highly personalized shopping experience on every sales channel and offers precise product recommendations, making it easier for consumers to find their perfect mattress.

  • First ever in-store integration of Motesque’s MQ Fit technology
  • 40 German and 2 Austrian Swiss Sense stores have been equipped with the solution
  • Motesque’s omnichannel approach facilitates a seamless customer journey in offline and online environments

Cologne, 04. July 2022Motesque, a start-up specializing in biomechanics, computer vision and AI, has entered into a strategic partnership with Swiss Sense, a European expert in sleeping products. Together they launch the digital mattress recommendation tool SleepLAB Bodycan, which is using the MQ Fit technology by Motesque. This highly scalable tool makes it possible to receive mattress advice suiting your personal sleeping behavior and body shape online as well as in store. With this the MQ Fit Mattress technology is for the first time ever integrated into the stores.

Powered by MQ Fit Mattress, SleepLAB Bodyscan offers customers a high-quality shopping experience and enables virtual testing of the mattresses in online and physical stores, resulting in personalized product recommendations. Using just two photos and basic information like age, height, weight and sleeping preferences the AI engine generates an individual 3D avatar of each individual. This digital representation of the customer then virtually lies on all the mattresses from the store’s database and returns results in just a few seconds. The precision of the outcome is crucial – the mattress has to offer a proper support to ensure that the spine is bedded in an ergonomically sound way.

MQ Fit technology from Motesque ensures that the complex analysis is transformed into accurate and user-friendly formats, simplifying the decision-making process and improving consumers’ sleep quality. This AI and data-based SaaS platform is designed to keep people healthy for as long as possible and contribute to their quality of life through biomechanical solutions while improving business results for Motesque customers.

Erik Diks, Chief Operational Officer (COO) at Swiss Sense explains: ““Finding the perfect mattress is not easy. At Swiss Sense, we know that every person is unique and so are their sleeping habits. With the new SleepLAB Bodyscan technology, we are able to further enhance our personal in-store advice. Advice that combines data as well as scientific findings with our personal expertise and the individual preferences of consumers. On top of that, we can offer personal consultation 24/7 online, so it is also possible with the SleepLAB Bodyscan to find the best possible mattress for yourself conveniently online. Good sleep is no longer a
dream, but just a few clicks or a visit away.”

Prof. Dr. Kai Oberländer, CEO and co-founder of Motesque, adds: “In Swiss Sense, we have found a partner that shares our values: supporting human health by improving the sleep experience while optimizing the customer experience. Swiss Sense is making it possible for us to continue our omnichannel approach and to enable a seamless journey for customers across multiple channels. Online or offline, we guarantee that the customer receives the best possible product for their particular needs.”

The MQ Fit Mattress is integrated into the new Swiss Sense SleepLAB Bodyscan in 40 stores in Germany and two stores in Austria. The 3D avatar technology is also integrated into the Swiss Sense e-commerce environment on

About Swiss Sense

With 128 shops and an e-commerce platform in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria and Denmark, sleep specialist Swiss Sense is a leading player in the European market for sleep products. With an extensive collection of beds, mattresses, bedding and accessories for the bedroom, the company wants everyone to get a good night’s sleep. The history of the family business goes back more than one hundred years. Great-grandfather Piet Diks started the development of mattresses in 1918 in the Netherlands. In 2006, the doors of the
first Swiss Sense shop in the Netherlands opened. Today, Germany counts 40 Swiss Sense stores as well as an extensive online store. Martin Diks (CEO), now the fourth generation of bed manufacturers, has been at the helm of the family business since 2017. Swiss Sense employs over 2,000 people worldwide.

About Motesque

Motesque is a deep-tech company from Germany with internationally leading expertise in the field of advanced AI technologies. Specialized in capturing physical motion and the individual body form in 3D, Motesque generates valuable first-hand data and can curate this for a wide range of customer requirements, thus laying the foundation for highly accurate product recommendations across many commercial sectors.

Founded in 2015 as an ambitious start-up, Motesque today is active in wide-ranging, high-growth market segments, pursuing a multi-perspective approach to providing individual solutions for numerous problems at the consumer level – from reducing returns in e-commerce, for example, to digitizing healthcare. Their advanced, AI-based 3D technology can be individualized to meet a multitude of challenges. To this end, Motesque builds on its deep technological understanding with a modular, adaptable engine, perfectly customizable to individual requirements and able to generate virtually limitless scalable and unique data.

With offices in Cologne, Berlin, and Brooklyn in the United States, Motesque has strong global reach and can partner with customers around the world. 

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